4 Effective Ways of Rodent Control

4 Effective Ways of Rodent Control

Rodent Control Service

  • All of us boast, at a numeral of end expert what a menace a rodent problem can be. No material how big or small your home is, these sneaky critters somehow manage to find a way keen on our households and create havoc everywhere they go. From gnawing on our clothes and ruining them eternally to leave-taking droppings everywhere on the floor, they can be quite a nuisance, not to mention the fact that they pose serious health hazards due to their extremely unsanitary presence. If you are on the search of ridding your home of these pesky rodents for good, the following tips will be of great help to you.

Examining the entire household

  • The first step to effectively eradicate rodents from your household is to know where and how they enter your home and where they nest. Different species of rats and mice are together known as common rodents and they have different entry points due to their varying sizes and habitats.

Excluding them from the house

  • A permanent solution to getting the rodents out of your home is to block all the holes and entry-points that you have previously found on your inspection.  Holes that solve no purpose can be sealed shut and those that have a purpose can be stuffed with metal meshes or steel wool which are impossible for the rodents to gnaw through.

Baiting and Trapping

  • Once the entry-points are sealed, the remaining rodents can be caught and eliminated by means of rodent traps and baits. There are different types of baits and traps available each for rats and mice. One can use age old traps like snaps or latest ones like electrical traps. As far as baits go, there are several poison baits available in the market to choose from.


  • Rodents are attracted to food. The first step to keep them away is to store all food items, both perishable and non-perishable, in locked containers. Unsanitary environments attract rodents as well. So it is necessary to make you’re your sanitation systems are proper and hygienic and your households clean and uncluttered.
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