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HOW BED BUGS LOOK LIKE? If you are wondering what do little one bed bugs look like, then you need to identify that they come out roughly the alike, the only distinction being is that they are smaller, roughly 1-4 mm in length and are fair-haired or white painted until they feed. Another significant typical […]

How do bed bugs spread?

How do bed bugs spread? Bed bugs are annoying little insect infamous for litter itchy bites all over us whilst we sleep. The fact of the theme is, sadly, bed bugs can increase like wildfire hastily infests possessions with ease. But how faithfully do bed bugs spread? There are two main instigators in the nurture […]

How termites enter a house

How termites enter a house It may seem like element of a script from the National Geographic, but Termites are extremely sharp insects with a fabulous homing instinct towards inhabitable places. If you look at it like a proprietor, your home may hardly appear like a habitable place for termites. But look it at like […]


RESIDENTIAL TERMITE CONTROL While pest infestations like spiders and ants are a pest and can usually be eliminated without doubt, there are various pests like termites that pose a much larger threat to your home. At Led ford’s, we’ve seen the damage that termites can cause and we know it can be detrimental. That’s why […]

Cockroaches: A Danger to Your Health and Safety

Cockroaches: A Danger to Your Health and Safety As a homeowner or property owner in NYC, it is very important to make sure that your home or public accommodation construction is clean and free of bothersome insects. From bed bug extinction to termite infestation and more, your exterminator can make available you with many unusual […]