10 Methods for Pest Control Prevention

10 Methods for Pest Control Prevention

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To make sure that pests not at all attain your home and garden, here are 10 simple, yet effective methods to wait them away.

  1. Trim Plants and Remove Mulch

Pests use plants as bridge to your home, so make sure you trim all tree branches and plants that touch it. Mulch is popular material used by homeowners near areas nearby the house, except it provides great home for pests to breed.

  1. Repair Warped/Broken Doors and Windows

Pests use every crack and gap to enter your house and find a new home for their issue. To prevent this, frequently inspect your windows and doors for small damages, and have them repaired on time. Another way to resolve this problem is to use monitor mesh, which is available in almost all home stores.

  1. Inspect the Exterior of Your House

To make sure no pests are able to enter your house, you need to inspect carefully its exterior for cracks and gaps, which they can use. Most of the time there are many cracks and gaps on the roof, near utility lines and wiring installations.

  1. Throw Away the Trash

Always keep the yard around your house litter free and throw away the garbage on time. Your trash cans are among the most accepted source of food for pests, so you need to make sure they are clean every time you take out the trash.

  1. Replace Your Garden Lights

It’s common for homeowners to place garden lights near the walls of the house, but they tend to attract lots of flying insects.

  1. Inspect the Interior of Your Home

Sometimes there are cracks and gaps that are visible only from inside the house, make sure you examine every corner of your house with kitchen cabinets, stoves and around pipes. If you spot any gaps or cracks, seal them.

  1. Check the Drainage

Drains are preferred breeding location for many pests including rats, mice and small flies, so you need to do serious examination of the entire drainage system of your home.

  1. Store Recyclable Items Outside

Its highly recommended to keep all your recyclables outside your home, make sure the lid of the trash bin seals properly and clean it every time you throw away the litter

  1. Store Your Food Properly

Stored food and leftovers are known to attract various pests, so you need to make sure these are stored properly. The best method is to use plastic bins if the food’s original packaging can’t be sealed properly.

  1. Keep Your Home Clean

Pests need certain conditions to live and successfully breed, so the cleaner your home is, the lower the chances of having any pests is. Create a routine for cleaning your home and follow it, while ensuring that all areas related to pest control are covered.

How perform Pests React to Rain?

How perform Pests React to Rain

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  • Like through human beings, the rainfall can have fun a large responsibility on pests that live in their natural habitats. There are many types of insects that live underground, for instance, that force get busy out in the affair of heavy rainwater. These pests would require breaking out and ruling new shelter on higher ground. The ant is known for building a system of tunnels, but once heavy rain comes along, that earth gets waterlogged, and the ants turn out to be in jeopardy. Their tunnels either get waterlogged or the rain causes the ground above them to fall down through all the heaviness and moisture.
  • Typically, ants will look for drier areas, preferably ones with lots of food within, such as your home. Not only ants are involved to temperate dry abodes, but so are pests and still mole. This nature all approach to a person’s residence exclusively to go where it is temperate and dry.
  • Pests such as the earwig and spring tail occur to love dark, moisture areas. They can also come about to seek shield within or close to your home what time it become also wet. While they love watery environment, too a great deal water is careful a bad thing.
  • There are some pests that absolutely love the precipitation and flourish in wet environment. It from time to time almost guarantees the propagation in definite pests. Mosquitoes, on one hand, type when it is wet exterior. These insect require rank water in order to put down eggs, but it does not need much at all assembly this explicit need. After precipitation, one kind of puddle will work. Additional bad skins for laying eggs include clogged gutter, flower pots, and bird baths.
  • Fleas and ticks also flourish in rainy environment. They type a lot earlier in temperate plus humid places. Below the true circumstances, their populations can radically point, making them unforeseen surprise when homeowners plus their pets go exterior.
  • Rain can be bad things to come for homeowners that do not desire pests approximately their home. It does not take much for insects and mice to find a place to live without pest control Markham. As of the smallest of cracks and holes to an opening in our insulation make for makeshift entry ways for all forms of life look for a position that is warmer and drier than it is outside. One time inside, these pests locate up a nest and mark their territory, where they do not have to travel far to find food. On top of that, present are a lot of places within your home where they can hide and attempt to live in peace.

Pest Control Service in Chennai

Pest Control Service in Chennai

Pest Control Service in Chennai

Pest control is essential to preserve your family from the annoying intruders. Your household is the place for you to live securely, and surely not a place for the termites, cockroaches, bugs and rodents. But sometimes, due to certain gaps, pests get the superb chance to intrude in your home, causing numerous diseases. Before the pests annoyance you, you must take the essential methods and actions.

Pests can enter your home by minute holes near the doors or windows, places which are else unnoticed by you. Pests constantly tend to come in a gang, they don’t commonly prefer solo act. So if you see that there is just one cockroach or any bug for that matter, then be assured that the rest of the gang members are also present nearby. There are certain chemical yields available in the market, and you can eliminate the pests yourself. But you are not expert, your task may have loophole, and may be you have not removed 100 percent of the bugs. Then? Even if one bug is left, then once more another gang will march towards your home. So it is sensible to opt for qualified professional pest control.


As many will think enjoy eating foods and preparing meals in a clean environment is safe for us but the answer is no. Probably, kitchen is the place for which we don’t want pest to come inside. Pests can plug through boxes, infect your food and leave droppings behind in drawers and storerooms. Suguna Pest Control has some useful tips for preventing pests.

* After taking meals clean your surroundings immediately. Place all dishes in the dishwater and wipe it and store the leftovers in airtight containers. It is necessary to clean up quickly from preventing pests entering onto dirty dishes or uncovered foods.
* Don’t use the food that is covered by plastic, paper and cardboard because pest like rodents, insects can easily enter onto your foods. If possible buy food that comes in cans or jars.
* Place your food in refrigerator or freezer as insects and rodents can make their way into these appliances. When cool some food will actually last longer like cereals, dried fruit and potatoes.
* If a pipe under your kitchen sink is wider than the hole in the floor then it could provide and entrance for a range of pests, so seal them with foam or caulk
* Use glue or caulking to seal cracks around the home as it can be entry ways for insects. For keeping ants out of kitchen, this trick will be very useful
* Check behind appliances and furniture for any possible entry ways because mice can squeeze through a hole as small as a pencil.
* Kitchen needs to be clean more than other areas. Even the smallest of crumbs can fascinate pests. Be attentive of brushing away crumbs and cleaning tables and countertops after any type of food preparation. Sweep away everything that hits the floor.
* If you don’t have time to wash dish place it in dishwasher and rinse it
* Take out the waste as soon as it’s needed. Permitting waste to sit in the kitchen only invites pests over dinner
* Keep your cabinets clean! It is essential to inspect your cabinets frequently for exposed food, crumbs or signs of a pest.
Although these tips are advantageous, there is no reliable way to prevent pests in the kitchen completely. Contact us at Suguna Pest Control if you need professional pest control service in Chennai. We will make sure they don’t take over your kitchen!

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You can take appointment of pest control agencies before you change to a new place for checking the area. I believe prevention is better than cure, so you can take the necessary actions from beforehand to avoid the pests from entering your home. Even the good news is Suguna pest control use eco-friendly chemicals to eradicate pests which are toxic for the insects but not harmful for the humans.


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Pests like cockroaches, rodents, termites or ants can cause hell lots of destruction to your health and wealth. And there is no way to keep these pests away, except occasional pest control and treatment by professionals. There are many preparations to get rid of pests at home or your workplace, but these remedies will work only when functional correctly and when the infestation is not severe. You may also contact Suguna Pest Control and ask for one time pest control or subscribe for annual or monthly pest elimination packages.

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