Signs You Have a Termite Problem

Signs You Have a Termite Problem

Termite Control Service In Chennai

  • Termites are small pests that can reason big problems. Because they consume timber, their activity cans assistance the structural reliability of your home. Early discovery can help minimize the damage, but termites are simple to overlook.
  • These quiet, stealthy pests don’t walk up to your door and proclaim their presence with a knock. In its place, they sneak into your home or business from side to side crack in the basis and other minute gaps in your home’s structure envelope.
  • Once within, they stay behind concealed absent as they banquet on wood and similar materials, devour them from the within out. How can you tell if these quiet invaders have infiltrated your belongings? There are quite a few red streamers that are able to specify a potential termite problem.
  • Termites are added than just a nuisance; they damage your home by feeding on the wood. This impairs the structure of the house. Termites can make their way from side to side plaster and metal siding and spread on the wooden items within a building too.
  • Even if your home is not made above all of wood, you might be at risk of having termite problems. These pests often go unnoticed until considerable damage has occurred. Therefore, it’s important to know how to spot the signs of termites.
  • Dry wood termites live inside of the wood in your home. They can create hollow tunnels within the wood long before they’re detected from the outside.
  • Some signs of termite infestations mimic water damage. Floors may buckle or sag, the paint around windows may peel and ceilings can droop.
  • When it gets warm, wing termites at times come out from their nests to start the route of establish new colonies. If you see airborne pests spilling in excess of near your windows and doors or find discarded wings, you might have a termite issue.
  • It’s worth noting that termites aren’t the only insects that swarm, so if you suspect that termites are active on your property, it’s vital that you seek out professional assistance to get a proper identification and arrange for effective treatment.

7 Signs You Might Have Termites

7 Signs You Might Have Termites

  1. Head banging

Not yours, but the termite military! You may be wondering what termites’ echo like. One sign of termites is quiet click sounds threatening from your walls. Soldier termites bang their heads against the wood or shake their bodies when the colony is anxious to signal risk to the other termites.

  1. Flying termites

Typically the first sign of a termite infestation is the presence of flying termites called swimmers or ablates. The flying termites are the males and females that have left the shell to find a mate and then establish a new station which power is near or in your home.

  1. White Ants

A general mistake people make is baffling termites with ants or business termites ‘colorless ants’. This fallacy is a trouble-free one to fashion as both ants and termites are very similar in both shape, size and in some cases behavior.

Both fast ants and termites take in two set of wings. However, termites set are both the same size compare to an ant that has one set greater than the other. The central thing to communication is that there is no such thing as a white ant. If you image you have marked a person which look like a white ant in and just about your residence then you power include a termite difficulty on your hands.

  1. Papery or hollow sounding timber

Termites usually eat wood from the inside out, leave-taking a thin facing of timber or just the paint. When you bang or tap on a district that has termite damage, it will crash empty or papery. This is since part or all of the kindling inside has been eaten away.

Some of the most common stories you ability read about termites is that a difficulty is only discovered what time the nothingness cleaner go through a avoidance board or a touch pressed into a door frame goes from end to end the frame.

  1. Tight fitting doors and hard-to-open windows

Often linked to signs of moist and hot conditions, stiff window and warped door can also mean termites! The dampness they create when intake and subway from side to side door and skylight frame origin the wood to deform, formation it unsafe to unchain doors and windows.

  1. Tunnels in wood

The tunnels, also known as ‘galleries’, are plainly rather difficult to see beginning the outside, but if you see them in a piece of conked out lumber next to or in your house it is a certain warning that termites contain set up camp in your home.

  1. Frays – Termite Droppings

A key sign of termites, and in particular dyewood termites, is fray – termite droppings. This dial of an invasion is incredible that is perpetually looking for through a termite inspection. Unlike profound termites, dry copse termites don’t use their feces to make their tunnels. Instead they press on their pool out of small opening near the admission to their nest. This penalty in miniature black marks plus a dark fine matter in within addition to in the sort out of the locality in which they are infesting.


How termites enter a house

How termites enter a house

Termite Control Service in Chennai

  • It may seem like element of a script from the National Geographic, but Termites are extremely sharp insects with a fabulous homing instinct towards inhabitable places. If you look at it like a proprietor, your home may hardly appear like a habitable place for termites. But look it at like a pest control professional.
  • Your home is connected to the outside world in more ways than you can imagine. A climber emergent on the garage fence, a tree that provides you with darkness while layer the roof, an old tree remains in the crook of the work area that you long forgot as regards, there are many habits in which termites can enter your house.
  • Any source of wood that is placed close to the address is a would-be termite habitat waiting to be invading. It is as simple as that.
  • If you have an old fireside at home that warm your soul on a chilly winter night, then it’s a common practice to keep logs of wood piled up everywhere close to the home. However, that pile of wood is able to be the perfect lodging place for a colony of termites. Keep the covert logs locked not here strongly, away from the home.
  • And it is not just wood that they are attracted to either. Termites like moist places and vines rising near the home or touching the home are a magnet for termites. They often use vines to enter vents which are particularly vulnerable areas.
  • Mulch is thorough to be a helpful resource for the lawn. But wood mulch that is constantly moist from watering in the backyard is an open invitation for a termite colony. Spread the mulch absent from the foundation. Use it near the perimeter and use gravel or rubber near the foundation.
  • It is important to avoid wetness from receiving trapped anywhere in the house. The attic and the crawl space are areas that are often neglected. Circulate air these spaces and use a dehumidifier if need be.



Termite Control Service in Chennai

Termite Control Service in Chennai

  • While pest infestations like spiders and ants are a pest and can usually be eliminated without doubt, there are various pests like termites that pose a much larger threat to your home. At Led ford’s, we’ve seen the damage that termites can cause and we know it can be detrimental. That’s why we offer residential termite control services that can find and get rid of your problem quickly and effectively.

Termite Damage

  • Whether you’re commerce with dry timber termites, bottomless termites, or even Formosan termites, your home is flat to structural smash up. Each one of these termites feeds on cellulose, which is recognized in both wet wood and dry wood. It can also be found in common items like cardboard, paper, fiber, and more. Once a colony of termites finds a food source of cellulose, it will go on to eat from side to side it until it’s gone.
  • As termites eat, they leave behind large hole or crack in the wood and over time, these holes and crack can fail the wood and cause it to curve, sag, buckle, or even collapse. When this happens to an area of your home, it can be a serious problem and can take lots of time and effort to fix.


  • If you consider you have a termite infestation, we want to help you eliminate it as hastily as likely to diminish the break done to your home. Give our residential termite control service experts a call nowadays to set up a check up meeting. Once we decide the area and the relentlessness of your infestation, we’ll get to work with successful solutions that get rid of your termites once and for all

Termite Control Service in Chennai

Termite Control Service in Chennai

Termite Control Service in Chennai

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Pre-Construction Termite Treatment:

Pre construction termite treatment or preventive termite control is much more effective & economical, as it allows the application of termiticide exactly in the areas where it is essential. The termite barrier system deters hidden entry to the building by termites. The exposed soil can be accessed and methodically treated before the slabs are poured, floors are fitted, foundations are completed and structures are erected.

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Termite Control Service in Chennai

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