Pest Control Service

Pest Control Service

Pest control Service

With the help of our competent team of professionals, we have been able to provide HerbalPest Control Services. Our offered services are suitable for hostels, homes, schools, hotels and other such areas as they help in keeping pests away. Furthermore, our experts are providing exact solutions to the customers as they define.

We are engaged in offering pest control services which are used for controlling the presence of insects and pests around the household area. Using various pest controlling machines and sprayers we undertake these services which completely remove the presence of minor insects, warms and pests. These are usually used in agricultural fields to protect the crops. These services never harm to human body or environment and are available at market leading price.
When it comes to safe and pest free home then Pest control services in chennai and Tamilnadu. provides an optimum solution. Centipedes love to stay in moisture and their control service ensures that your home is dry and well ventilated. The experts eliminate their food source. Handling them with an untrained hand may cause bites and pain. However, the experts ensure that you get rid of centipede without any hassle. We deploy experts to create an environment that eliminates the further occurrence of the insects

Pest Control Service in Chennai

Pest Control Service in Chennai

We are readily immersed in presenting to our patrons’ high quality and consistent Pest Control Services. To make our patrons, international network partners, these services are rendered by us as per the altering requirements of our patrons. Accessible with us in most cost-effective rates, these presented services are highly needed. Apart from this, these are implemented with perfection under the command of trained personnel of our team. So as to fulfill the ever increasing demands of our customers, we are involved in delivering Pest Control Services. Underneath the command of dexterous personnel, these services are implemented with supremacy. In addition, owing to their flexibility and timeliness, these services are enormously acclaimed.

We are one of the industry to provide our precious clients the best quality Pest Control Services. The offered services are carried out by our team of experienced personnel in the best possible manner. While performing these services, our experts make use of premium grade pest control chemicals with the help of sophisticated equipment. Moreover, these services are widely acknowledged by our valuable clients owing to its reliability, excellent pest control and hassle free execution.

Pigeon Control Service

pigeon control service

We have established ourselves as one of the leading enterprises actively committed towards providing Pigeon Control Service to our valuable clients. The offered service is highly applauded among our valuable clients for its promptness and reliability. The provided service is rendered as per the needs of our valuable clients. In this service our highly skilled professionals using optimum quality tools and techniques. Moreover, our clients can avail this service from us at moderate price. Pigeon Control Service has been working with a lot of large, medium-scale and small companies, assisting them in pigeon control. His expertise in assessing potential bird problems and providing in-depth solutions for large planned projects has aided many companies and contractors from the design phase to installation. Whether you need info regarding pigeon control, solutions to the problem related to pigeons or installation.

Bird Droppings are so acidic that they cause permanent damage to stone and painted metals. Birds create a mess and are known to be disastrous to a newly painted building. A nightmare for builders, architects and home owners where every design for aesthetic appeal needs to be reviewed due to bird droppings. For factories where birds create a havoc leading to direct monetary losses, it is the worst site to have a nest or group of them visiting the site regularly.




Pest Control in Chennai


pest control in chennai

As many will think enjoy eating foods and preparing meals in a clean environment is safe for us but the answer is no. Probably, kitchen is the place for which we don’t want pest to come inside. Pests can plug through boxes, infect your food and leave droppings behind in drawers and storerooms. Suguna Pest Control has some useful tips for preventing pests.

* After taking meals clean your surroundings immediately. Place all dishes in the dishwater and wipe it and store the leftovers in airtight containers. It is necessary to clean up quickly from preventing pests entering onto dirty dishes or uncovered foods.
* Don’t use the food that is covered by plastic, paper and cardboard because pest like rodents, insects can easily enter onto your foods. If possible buy food that comes in cans or jars.
* Place your food in refrigerator or freezer as insects and rodents can make their way into these appliances. When cool some food will actually last longer like cereals, dried fruit and potatoes.
* If a pipe under your kitchen sink is wider than the hole in the floor then it could provide and entrance for a range of pests, so seal them with foam or caulk
* Use glue or caulking to seal cracks around the home as it can be entry ways for insects. For keeping ants out of kitchen, this trick will be very useful
* Check behind appliances and furniture for any possible entry ways because mice can squeeze through a hole as small as a pencil.
Kitchen needs to be clean more than other areas. Even the smallest of crumbs can fascinate pests. Be attentive of brushing away crumbs and cleaning tables and countertops after any type of food preparation. Sweep away everything that hits the floor.
* If you don’t have time to wash dish place it in dishwasher and rinse it
* Take out the waste as soon as it’s needed. Permitting waste to sit in the kitchen only invites pests over dinner
* Keep your cabinets clean! It is essential to inspect your cabinets frequently for exposed food, crumbs or signs of a pest.
Although these tips are advantageous, there is no reliable way to prevent pests in the kitchen completely. Contact us at Suguna Pest Control if you need professional pest control service in Chennai. We will make sure they don’t take over your kitchen!

Wood Borer Control Service

Wood Borer Control Service

With the assistance of knowledgeable and accomplished employees, we are able to implement Wood Borer Control Service to our esteemed customers. These quality-assured services are performed in tandem with the clients individual needs and demands to attain supreme client gratification. Furthermore, we assume these services only after coordinating with our customers for their exact demands. We have rich industry experience and are engaged in offering highly effective Wood Borer Control Services. Latest equipment and pesticides are utilized to offer these services. While these services are offered, there is no need to vacate the premises.

We are a unique entity in the industry, actively committed to offering an optimum quality Wood Borer Control Service. The offered service is widely acknowledged by our clients owing to its promptness and cost-effectiveness features. The provided services are executed by our adept professionals using optimum quality methods and latest technology. Moreover, our precious clients can avail this service from us at most reasonable price. The term woodboring beetle encompasses many species and families of beetles whose larval or adult forms eat and destroy wood In the woodworking industry, larval stages of some are sometimes referred to as woodworms. The three most speciose families of woodboring beetles are longhorn beetles, bark beetles and weevils, and metallic flat-headed borers.


Bed Bugs Control Service in Chennai

Bed Bugs Control Service in Chennai

With legitimacy and dedication of our skillful personnel, we are gladly effective in providing Bed Bugs Control Services. Promptly completed, these provided services are commended and cherished enormously amid our clients owing to their flexibility, reliability and on-time completion. Not only this, we provide these services to our clients’ at most economical rates. We are one of the leading companies engaged in providing Bed Bugs Control Service to our prestigious clients. Offered service is suitable to use in bathrooms, bedroom, kitchen and any other place for the eradication of cockroaches and other common household pests. The service is executed by our experts who have vast knowledge and expertise in the field of rendering this service. Clients can avail this service from us at affordable price. These services are widely cherished by our customers for timed execution, reliability, result oriented, safety, flexibility and quick execution. Our services find its application in varied industrial, residential and commercial areas. Apart from offering immaculate services, we are also into Manufacturing and Supplying of Bird Spikes. We perform high-quality Bed Bug Control Services to any site. Owing to long lasting disinfectant pesticides, this service is highly acknowledged in the market by our patrons. Our diligent professionals follow the environmental standards and ensure that this service does not contain any harmful chemicals. Bed bugs are hidden in the mattress, furniture and cracks & crevice in the wall. We are offering treatment for bed bugs removal involves steaming, vacuum cleaning and chemical treatment for controlling the bed bug infestation at various places. Our clients can avail this service from us at industry leading prices within stipulated time frame.

Bed Bugs Control Service in Chennai

Our company has been acknowledged in providing Bed Bugs Control Service to the clients. Bed Bugs Control Service is supervised by trained professionals who are supposed to be experts in this field of work. We are equipped to render a disruption and chaos less service. Provided service is done diligently.

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Cockroach Control Service in Chennai

Cockroach Control Service in Chennai

Cockroach Control Service in Chennai

Our Technician sprays the Pantry, lower the sink, toilet tub room, cracks and crevices and everywhere in the wall scatting. Spraying might be required for the pantry regions with in the c language of 15 mins. We use evaluated WHO chemical compounds, Low mammalian toxicity, Systematic insecticide, Long residual impact, co pleasant chemical substances. Our technician could be placing natural/Eco-friendly/long residual effect gel inside the electric utensils, cupboard, dresser etc. These chemicals are optionally available that’s only wished for the places couldn’t include with spraying.

We provide customers pest, cockroach control services, Biological Pest Control that facilitates in prevention of microbiological activities in grain merchandise. Our services have the fine pest manage services at very reasonable fees serving residential and business institutions. For this, we’ve hired at our end tested and well researched insects pest manipulate methods.There are approximately 3,000 species of cockroaches inside the world and about 50 arise within the United States. Of those 50 species, the 3 most common in the Northeast are the German cockroach, the American cockroach and the brown banded cockroach.

Cockroaches are attracted to heat, wet environments. They spend the sunlight hours in darkish, secluded web sites under refrigerators, stoves, fake bottoms in kitchen shelves, in the backs of shelves and in crevices among baseboards and floors or shelves and partitions. They may also be found at the back of snap shots or inside digital gadget. A quantity of these openings will in the long run lead to voids inside the stud partitions. The insects leave those sites at night to forage for food and water. The presence of cockroaches in the course of the day can also imply a huge populace.

When it comes to safe and pest free home then Cockroach Control Services provides an optimal solution. We provide the most real treatment by first identifying the cockroach and recognize its behavior so that controls are properly applied. Moreover, home or any premises may be infested by two or more kinds of cockroaches. However, the experts guarantee that you get rid of centipede without any hassle.

Control and Treatment:

Suguna Pest Control provide the most effective treatment by first identifying the cockroach and understand its behavior so that controls are appropriately applied. A home or any premises may be infested by two or more kinds of cockroaches. We uses advance method that is 100% safe And Odorless for both Chemical or Bait control.

WELCOME TO Cockroach Control Service

Cockroach Control Service

Founded within the yr of 2000, we “Suguna Pest Control” are known to be many of the maximum eminent organizations involved in presenting a extensive array of Pest and Insect Control Service. Our furnished range of offerings consists of Pest Control Service, Insect Control Service and Treatment Service. We are offering these offerings with the assist of properly certified and experienced professionals as according to the purchaser’s requirements and desires. As we’re imparting a various array of offerings so we’ve recruited experts of for each area and those professionals manual to provide excellent and best services for our customers. Services supplied with the aid of us are fantastically demanded by using diverse industries along with creation, company places of work, shops, colleges and faculties. Since our established order, we are presenting satisfactory confident service to our valued clients. We are supplying those offerings strictly as in keeping with the purchaser’s necessities and desires. First we examine our consumer’s necessities and then provide them answer consequently. Owing to the support and dedication of our employees, we have been capable of offer most desirable level of customer delight. Offered services are the first-rate solution for our customers at price range-pleasant charges. Our services are quite preferred by way of the clients for their well timed completeness.


We have a team of nicely-qualified professionals and domain experts to render the supplied variety of pest and insect control service. We trust that our team of knowledgeable specialists is the one of the primary elements to acquire our organizational targets and consumer pleasure. We are capable of render supplied services well timed thanks to the committed efforts put via our personnel. Owing to our distinctly devoted group, we are capable of provide optimal level of patron satisfaction.

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